Teacher Achievers


Name of the Teacher

Awards received

Mr. H. R. Sharma TGT(Sanskrit) National Award-2015  from Honorable President of India
2 Mr. Sanjeev Kumar, PGT(Phy.) KVS Regional Incentive Award -2014
3 Ms. Jaspreet Kaur, TGT(Eng) KVS Regional Incentive Award -2014
4 Mrs. Sham Chawla, Principal KVS Regional Incentive Award -2013
5 Mrs. Indu Bala, Librarian KVS Regional Incentive Award -2013
6 Mrs. Prem Juneja, TGT(Hindi) KVS Regional Incentive Award -2013
7 Ms. Updesh Kaur, Headmistress KVS National Incentive Award- 2012
8 Ms. Navinder Uppal, PRT KVS Regional Incentive Award- 2012
9 Mr. H. R. Sharma, TGT(Sanskrit)  Scout and Guide Divisional Award- Chandigarh Region-2012

Mr. S. C. Jha, PGT(Phy.)

(Now posted at some other KV)

KVS Regional Best Science 
Teacher Award-2012
11 Mrs. Parveen Dhawan,(PRT) KVS Regional Best Science 
Teacher Award -2012
12 Mr. Zafar Iqbal, TGT(Sc.) (Now Retired from Services)  KVS Regional Incentive  Award - 2011
13 Mrs. Parveen Dhawan, PRT KVS Regional Incentive Award - 2011
14 Mr. H.R. Sharma, TGT(Sanskrit) KVS National Incentive Award - 2011
15 Ms. Updesh Kaur, Headmistress KVS Regional Incentive Award- 2010
16 Mr. H.R. Sharma, TGT(Sanskrit) KVS Regional Incentive Award- 2010
17 Ms. Manjeet Kaur, PRT (Now posted at some other KV as HM) KVS Regional Incentive Award- 2010
18 Ms. Navinder Uppal, PRT KVS Regional Incentive Award- 2010
19 Ms. Anjali Jately, PRT KVS Regional Incentive Award

Mrs. Sukhawant Kaur (PRT)

Now posted at some other KV
National Award - 2007

Incentive Award


Mr. O.P. Sachdeva

(Retired from services now)
Incentive Award - 2006
    Declared best Science organizer at National Level by Putani Vinana Children Science Camp, Kapurthala
    Awarded a Science Excellence Teacher Medal 2008 (01.01.2009)
    Maths Excellence Teacher Medal for the best Math organizer at National Level on 26.01.2009.
22 Late Mr. S.K.Sharma (Ex-Principal) National Award-2007



According to the modern policy of Government, India is turning to major financial revolution i.e. shifting from cash dependent to cashless economy for the betterment of social equity, reducing the fake currency, reduction in illegal transactions and curb to  black money.  Sh S.K. Mishra, Principal KV 3 BRD AFS Chandigarh has decided to train students and teachers in cashless mode of transaction. So that they can educate their families, friends and societies. The actions are taken under the guidance of our worthy Principal Sh. S.K. Mishra. The steps taken for the same are as under:

1.     Information and steps for cashless transaction are conveyed to students, teachers and staff  in morning assembly by The Principal, Mr Devinder Kumar PGT (CS) and Mr. Vijesh PGT (Chemistry)

2.     Charts and pictures are pasted on notice board on Cashless transaction.

3.     A link is provided on the vidyalaya website for modes of cashless transaction.

4.     A web portal of NITI AAYOG is also informed to students, teachers and staff  regarding different modes of cashless transactions which is helpful through videos, power-point presentation and picture presentation.

5.     Utilization of services of Scout & Guide, NCC Volunteers, teachers and students in introducing & motivating for cashless transaction in the family, friends and society.

6.     A video for modes of cashless transaction is also shown to the students to motivate them.

7.     Rewarding of certificate and memento is also announced in morning assembly to active participants involved in training and motivating to others for cashless transactions.

8.     Modes of cashless transaction & policy of govt in major financial revolution is also introduced to parents in PTM held on 22th December 2016 in the vidyalaya.

In the last but not least, students and staff of KV 3 BRD Chandigarh assured that we will do our best and perform our duties on top priority to motivate the society for cashless transactions.